Brainfreeze Bag Project

I want to do something different with our paper bags. I want to see if we can produce bags that are so cool customers will cherish them.

I asked Ryan at Kangaroo Press to Riso print a couple thousand 10x13 white paper bags with our circular Brainfreeze logo minus a center image. Then we ask artists to draw their own design for the bag as well as write in the Brainfreeze info and sign their name at the bottom with a link to their own website or social media page. Each artist's deign is then printed in black ink on top of the already existing aqua and orange layers. We print 100 copies of each artist's design so there are a number of random options a customer can receive when they check out.

I'm asking you to consider taking part in this project because you are a popular artist among my customers, because I've purchased books from you in the past, and because I'm a fan of your work. Besides being a cool thing for Brainfreeze, it's a great way to share your art, name, and website with an enthusiastic and supportive audience.

To the right are examples of bags we have printed so far and what a bag looks like before your art is printed on it. There is also a link to a PDF. It has directions for your art file. Click the image to download the PDF.

Thank you for being part of this project.

- Stewart Copeland

Click to Download PDF

Click to Download PDF